Evgeny Vitishko: “This is real pressure”

posted 1 Feb 2016, 02:50 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 1 Feb 2016, 03:01 ]
25 January 2016

Source: HRO.org (info)
Evgeny Vitishko, released from prison on parole on December 22, 2015, has been registered at the Tuapse branch of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service in Krasnodar Region, Bloknot reports.

Upon his release, the environmental activist had an electronic monitoring bracelet attached to his leg that is used for those under house arrest. It indicates only if the wearer is near a monitoring station or not.

According Evgeny Vitishko, the bracelet he is being forced to wear is a ‘real kind of psychological pressure’.

As Bloknot Krasnodar previously reported, on December 20, 2013, the court at Tuapse sentenced Evgeny Vitishko to a three-year suspended sentence for ‘damaging the fence of governor Aleksandr Tkachev’s dacha.’ The environmental activist accused the head of the region of having seized land unlawfully. Later, the Tuapse town court changed the suspended sentence to a period of imprisonment in a penal colony.

On November 10, the court decided to release Krasnodar environmentalist Evgeny Vitishko from the Tambov penal colony. That said, Vitishko did not leave the prison until December 22.

The Memorial Human Rights Center has recognized Evgeny Vitishko as a political prisoner.

The world’s largest human rights organization, Amnesty International, considers Evgeniy Vitishko a prisoner of conscience and led an international campaign for his release.

For more information from the Memorial Human Rights Centre (Moscow) about the case of Evgeniy Vitishko, see here