Black Lists of "Agents”: the Historical Associations are Rather Grim
Constitutional Court
Council of the Federation Approves Bills on Defamation, "Foreign Agents" and Internet Censorship
Go and breed rabbits!
Human Rights Council
Life for Non-Profits After 21 November: Some Recommendations
Ludmila Alekseeva: Moscow Helsinki Group Will Not Register as a Foreign Agent
Mikhail Fedotov asks Council of the Federation to Reject Bills on NGOs, Defamation and Internet Censorship
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice: Russian Philanthropic Organizations Are Not Foreign Agents
New Law on Non-Profits to Introduce Notion of “Foreign Agents”
NGOs Ask President Putin: What Billion Dollars?
Not everyone is cut out to be a foreign agent...
Officials Urgently Gear Up for Protests
Olga Gnezdilova on restrictions on freedom of association in Russia
Olga Zimenkova: "This Bill will Lead to Discrimination and the Infringement of the Rights of Non-Profits in Russia"
Pavel Chikov on the New NGO Law: On the Road to Treason?
Should we appeal against the "foreign agents" law? report from the "Strasbourg Sessions"
Statement by International Memorial Society on “Foreign Agents” Law
Supreme Court: the NGO Bill has Legal Flaws
The Discriminatory Law on NGOs and the ‘Black Rose of Freedom’
The Duma in Search of an Enemy: Statement by Memorial
The Kremlin's Yellow Stars: Are They Preparing a Pogrom of Civil Society Organisations?
To the Deputies of the State Duma: We Ask You to Reject this Un-Constitutional Bill
Transparency International Will Not Register as a Foreign Agent
Urgent Petition: You Can't Call Us Foreign Agents!
We shall Protect the Rule of Law, Basing Ourselves on Law Itself
Yury Kostanov: A Bill of This Kind Is Conceptually Unsound
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