A Strategy for Police Reform: The Long Road Ahead
Do the Police Want Reform?
European Court & Police Reform
First Award of Damages Made in Blagoveshchensk 'Cleansing Operation' Case
Human Rights Defenders and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Perspectives for Cooperation in a Period of Reform
Human Rights Defenders to Monitor the Police
Human Rights Defenders Welcome Medvedev's Position on Police Reform Bill
Khodorkovsky on Law Enforcement
Memorandum of the Working Group of Human Rights Organizations on the Progress of Police Reform
Moscow Rally for Police Reform
MVD: Radical Reform or Cosmetic Repair?
NGO Working Group Strategy on Police Reform
Only 35% of Citizens Trust the Police
Perm: Research into Public Attitudes Towards the Police
'Police' cases
Police Reform
Policing Demonstrations
Publication of Report on the Work of Public Verdict Foundation in 2010
Public Opinion Surveys
Rostov TV Debate on Police Reform
Society & Law Enforcement: An Attempt at Dialogue in the Context of Reform
Sorcery of Numbers
Statement by the NGO Working Group on Police Reform
The Bill "On the Police" is a Step Backward in the Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
The law “on the police” as it stands does not correspond to the needs of society
The Potential of the Federal Law ‘On the Police’ as an Unlawful Means to Combat ‘Extremism’
The Presidential Council on Human Rights is to Draft its Own Version of the Police Bill
Working Party on Police Reform
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