13 January 2013
19 January 2010
2011 Elections
31 August 2010 - 240 Photos from the Demonstrations in Moscow and St Petersburg for Freedom of Assembly
31 December 2009
31 December 2010
31 January 2010
31 May 2010: Right of Assembly in Practice
31 October 2010
8 March 2013
Amnesty International: Harassment of Peaceful Protestors Must Stop
Chair of Presidential Council on Human Rights says demands of Young Russia are unreasonable.
Defending the Right to Freedom of Assembly
Director of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the OSCE criticizes Russian authorities for breaking up opposition demonstrations
Human Rights Defender Lev Ponomarev is Again Sentenced to a Term in Detention in Moscow
Human Rights Defenders
Judge Olga Egorova: Mokhnatkin’s Punishment is Proportional to the Crime and does not Qualify for a Reduction
June 2012
Levada Centre
L M Alekseeva on 31 January 2010
Lukin: There is no such thing as an unsanctioned demonstration
May 2012
Memorial Human Rights Centre: The Events of 31 May at Triumphal Square
Oleg Orlov on 31 January
Open Letter in Defence of Lev Ponomarev
Photo Report from Moscow: Gathering in Groups of More than Three is Forbidden
Photos of the demonstration on 31 December 2009 in support of freedom of assembly
Remembering the Events of 31 May on Triumphal Square
September 2012
Sergei Udaltsov
Sobyanin: We Shall Allow Only Serious Political Forces to Hold Demonstrations
Statement by human rights defenders organizing the rally on 31 March 2011
Stop the Anti-Constitutional Bill! Public Appeal to the President of the Russian Federation
St. Petersburg
Tatiana Lokshina on 31 January 2010
UN Rapporteur
What was Sergei Makhnatkin sentenced for?
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